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At Metro Pool Inspections Victoria we provide a number of comprehensive and cost-effective services, all designed to ensure our clients’ pools and spas are maintained to the highest applicable safety and quality standards.

We provide both qualified pool inspection and certification services, with various packages available to suit pools and spas of different shapes and sizes.

We want to make it as easy as possible in getting your pool or spa certified.  Managing this process wrong could lead to hundreds of dollars in fines from Council.  Fines are currently $385 but can increase to $1650 for failing to comply with regulations. Checklist documents and our desktop audit process can save you the headache of filtering through this information on your own, whilst giving you more time to do those little things that will get compliance. If required we can assist in having someone complete the checklist on your behalf.  Give us a call if you need this service.

We don’t just inspect your property we deliver a range of services that assists you in reducing the headache. 

Once an inspection is completed you have under the regulations 60 days to complete any works.  By offering our desktop service we can give you all the time you need to complete any landscaping or repairs you may need to do.  If you are a managing agent assisting the owner our desktop service gives you and the owner a reasonable timeframe to arrange any works.  Remember it is all tax deductable as well.

Our inspections are carried out between 8.30 and 4.30 Monday to Friday, and between 10 and 2 Saturdays.

Guidelines on complying with each standard can be found in the attached links

Service Include
Our Services Include
  • Servincld 4

    Pool Legislation Guidance Brochures on how to make your barriers comply

  • Servincld 3

    Pool / Spa Inspection

  • Servincld 2

    Compliance Certificates

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We Offer Services To
  • Houses
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Apartments
  • Caravan Parks